Here’s what we’ve been working on

Apple Tree, August 2021

This apple tree fell over and the homeowner wanted to save it but measures taken had not worked.

Apple Tree, August 2021

We installed a 5:1 system in a larger tree behind it in order to allow for the roots to reset in the ground. 

Large Manitoba Maple - Weight Reduction & Cables​, June 2021



Large Silver Maple, June 2021

Final Top, Silver Maple 2021

Removing the final top front he large silver maple.

Main Stem, Silver Maple 2021

Removing the final stem of the large silver maple.

Compromised Sugar Maple top removal, July 2021

Stump Grinding 

Large silver maple stump removed! (April 2021)

Big Poplar

Large poplar felled! (April 2021)

Our Recent Work

Spruce Felled

Spruce felled, November 2020!

Balsam Felled

Balsam with heavy lean over house felled, November 2020!

Norway Maple, Timelapse - 2019