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Tree Removal

 Removing trees is generally the last resort. Trees can be removed for a variety of reasons including disease or infection, bug infestations (such as the Emerald Ash Borer, EAB), root damage, storm damage or plainly the sheer size of your tree.

Your and your family's safety takes precedence over keeping a potentially dangerous tree; trees can be replaced.

Tree Pruning

Trimming your trees is an essential part of keeping them healthy in your urban setting. Trees should be pruned every two to three years.

This can include things such as elevation to give you walking room underneath your tree for other yard maintenance or from your driveway to keep it clear from your vehicle traffic, clearance from your home both around and above it, dead-wooding  to remove any dead or dying limbs which could present a falling danger & general thinning out to allow better air flow and response growth giving your tree the best opportunity to grow how you want it to in your yard.

Stump Grinding and Removal

If you have stumps on your property you would like removed, we are able to grind them down. Generally, the ground wherein a stump is ground takes roughly a year to settle before more growth can occur.

The natural process for stumps to degrade can take numerous years at best before the earth around your old stump can be usable again.

24/7 Emergency Services

In the event of storm damage, I am available anytime to remove trees or limbs which have fallen onto your home or vehicle or have simply obstructed you from leaving your property at any time.

Cabling & Bracing

Not ready to get rid of your favourite tree? Cabling & bracing is a last resort option to extend the life of your tree. This service does not guarantee a tree will not fail after installation.

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